Creativity Contest Update!


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Ok guys, the deadline has come and gone for my creativity contest. I got a whole bunch of awesome entries, check out my previous blog post for the skins. I’ve picked a winner for the background contest, and it’s Nimolo … Continue reading

Creativity Contest Entries – The Skins!


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These are the entries for my latest creativity contest. A big thanks to all who entered, this is a tough decision for me, because all the entries are awesome! By the way, there’s still a little over one day left … Continue reading

“I’m sorry about being a dick.” – Notch!/notch/status/139722432251568129
Wow, Notch just can’t seem to learn when to keep things behind closed doors. Can he and Mojang get any more unprofessional.

An official Mojang tweet:!/MojangTeam/status/139630389101735936

I’m astounded by the completely unprofessional way Notch and Mojang have handled this entire situation. Notch and Mojang continue to put their foot in their mouth, while the Yogscast release a professional statement about what happened at Minecon, the evidence is compelling, and it’s not showing Mojang in a great light.

Yogscast are “total dicks” – Notch

Several new tweets by Notch threw a little more light on the whole Yogscast incident.!/notch/status/138715927746314240!/notch/status/138716436129529856!/notch/status/138716600416215040!/notch/status/138716709715582976!/notch/status/138716909767102464!/notch/status/138717287069913088

Seems I may have jumped the gun, if Notch’s tweets are to be believed, the Yogscast guys were acting like a bunch of prima donnas. It will be interesting to see where this goes, and how the Yogscast will handle this. I mean, they can be quite vitriolic and acerbic when it comes to some of their commentaries and reviews of games. They have a tendency to lay out their cards in a very non-pc way.

Medal Time!

First Youtube Medal

I’m so proud I just had to share (plus I think the moment may pass rather quickly, so I NEED to preserve it! =P). I got my first medal (that wasn’t from some bug) today, #44 Most Viewed (This Week) – Directors – Australia.

Big thanks to all my viewers and subscribers! Cheers guys.

The 3001 Subscriber Special is in the pipeline and the milestone is very close! I just want to thank all my subscribers again for their overwhelming support for my channel over the past 9 months. Thanks guys!