Blizzard Announce Diablo III Beta

Diablo III is one of the top games on my “waiting for” list.

Blizzard have just officially announced that there is going to be a beta test.

It’s been stated that the game will contain no offline mode, in an attempt to stop players using hacked singleplayer characters in multiplayer. This is also probably due to the fact that Blizzard are implementing an ingame auction system that allows players to sell items gained in the game for real money. Most of the feedback on the announced auction system has been negative, the reasoning being that people will have to ability to purchase power, making any chance of a balanced PvP system non-existent. The auction system seems to me to be a way for Blizzard to cash in on the huge (illegal?) RMT market that already exists, and generates huge revenues for 3rd parties from games like World of Warcraft.

Check out the link below for more (ambiguous) information about the upcoming beta release.

Blizzard Entertainment: Diablo III Beta Announcement

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