Yogscast are “total dicks” – Notch

Several new tweets by Notch threw a little more light on the whole Yogscast incident.







Seems I may have jumped the gun, if Notch’s tweets are to be believed, the Yogscast guys were acting like a bunch of prima donnas. It will be interesting to see where this goes, and how the Yogscast will handle this. I mean, they can be quite vitriolic and acerbic when it comes to some of their commentaries and reviews of games. They have a tendency to lay out their cards in a very non-pc way.

One thought on “Yogscast are “total dicks” – Notch

  1. Honestly I think its all a misunderstanding. Someone who was there said a lot of this is to blame on Lydia aka *minecraftchick* who was in charge of the whole damn thing. We’ll see when simon and lewis make a statement on it.. I love Yogs more than I do notch as notch has mostly been a slacker these days and let Jeb do everything. Yogs have given me hours and hours of entertainment and have always been nice to every fan they have met. I highly doubt they did anything wrong.

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