“I’m sorry about being a dick.” – Notch

Wow, Notch just can’t seem to learn when to keep things behind closed doors. Can he and Mojang get any more unprofessional.

An official Mojang tweet:

I’m astounded by the completely unprofessional way Notch and Mojang have handled this entire situation. Notch and Mojang continue to put their foot in their mouth, while the Yogscast release a professional statement about what happened at Minecon, the evidence is compelling, and it’s not showing Mojang in a great light.

Do You Remember Dungeon Crawlers?

Legend of Grimrock

I used to love the CRPG’s (Computer Role Playing Games, it WAS a genre!) that were developed in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The greats by SSI and US Gold, likes Pools of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds set in the Fogotten Realms, Heroes of the Lance and Dragons of Flame set in the Dragonlance ‘verse. These are the games that took me from the P&P world of Dungeons and Dragons, to the computer, and where my gaming addiction started, and from them an awesome sub-genre arose, the dungeon crawler, so named because you spent the entire game crawling through a dungeon, going deeper and deeper to your goal.

One of my all time favourite games was (and still is) Eye of the Beholder on the Amiga (I loved the entire EoB series). There was also Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master II. Then the genre seemed to die, and was quickly overtaken by what I’d consider the 2nd gen dungeon crawler, games like Diablo.

It seems that a Finnish indie developer called Almost Human Ltd. is trying their hand at reviving the original dungeon crawler genre, and the game looks fantastic. They are working towards an alpha release at the moment. With a beta planned to begin in a few months. I’m personally looking forward to this game, nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia!

Bethesda Initiate Legal Action Against Mojang

Mojang recently received a 15 page cease-and-desist letter from Bethesda. It seems the developer of the popular Elder Scrolls series has raised concerns that the second project being developed by Mojang, with the working title “Scrolls”, could have gamers confusing the two titles. The letter claimed that Bethesda had grounds to sue Mojang for the rights to the words and any costs incurred for legal action. Notch said that Mojang is currently trying to establish contact with Bethesda in order to come up with a more amicable solution for both parties.

Click the link below to read Notch’s Tumblr post.

Bethesda are suing us, here’s the full story!