New Terrain.png and Item.png Tweeted by @jeb_

About an hour ago, @jeb_ tweeted the new terrain.png and items.png for texture pack creators to get a leg up on updating their texture packs before Mojang finally roll out eh eagerly awaited adventure update!

Check them out!

Tweet by @jeb_


Minecraft Adventure Update, “A Couple of Weeks” Says Notch

During an in-depth look at the new adventure update for Minecraft at Pax, Notch revealed that the adventure update will be split into 2 pieces, and released as patch 1.8 and 1.9. As he played through showing off some of the new features available, like sprinting, critical hits, and the Endermen, he states, “we’re going to release the first part very soon, like in a couple of weeks”, and says the need to split it into two parts is because the patch was “getting to big”, dispelling rumours that the patch will land on Monday the 29th. Check out the link below for the exclusive Pax footage.